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Professionalism: Conduct & Ethics - RPL Assessment Only

Ethical competence, the ability to identify and effectively deal with ethical issues and values conflicts in the workplace is a critical aspect of professional practice. This module provides the practical tools and skills that you need to deal with ethical issues in the workplace, including using the AFMA Ethical Decision-Making Framework, handling the interpersonal aspects of workplace dilemmas raising ethical issues with colleagues and acting on values.

Program: Professionalism: Conduct & Ethics - RPL Assessment Only

Title: Professionalism: Conduct & Ethics - RPL Assessment Only

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Who can apply?

To be accepted for the RPL assessment-only pathway individuals must complete an application for admission and be able to demonstrate: 

  • at least 5 years' experience in the financial services industry
  • training and/or professional experience to justify exemption of the learning stage of the course.

HOW WILL YOU be assessed?

To successfully complete the module you will need to:

  • prepare one skills assessment demonstrating mastery of the requisite competencies.

The skills assessment comprises a number of case studies accompanied by a series of questions designed to test your ability to apply the ethical tools and skills to workplace situations. 

A detailed study guide has been developed to support students through the process of this assessment.

Although experienced financial markets practitioners will already have an implicit grasp of the skills and knowledge taught in the module, they may lack an explicit framework. For example, you may unconsciously adopt a process for thinking through ethical issues, but not use a formal ethical decision-making framework. As the course requires the use of frameworks to complete the assessment, in order to pass you will need to be familiar with the AFMA Ethical Decision-Making Framework. Hence the study guide is designed to provide you with the formal concepts you need to successfully complete the course.