Committees drive our core functions

AFMA has an extensive network of member committees that help us to carry out three core functions:

  • Facilitate the smooth operation of Australia's financial markets.
  • Promote effective regulation of Australia's financial markets.
  • Enhance the professionalism of financial markets participants through accreditation.

Who can join committees?

Staff of our members who have the required industry experience, expertise, and decision making authority are eligible to join the three main types of committees and working groups. Generally, these people will be nominated by their firm.

Purpose of Committees

  1. Market Committees ensure the efficient operation of Australia's OTC markets by managing their conventions, practices and documentation. For more detail on how they operate, view the Market Committee Guidelines.

  2. Policy Committees consider a wide range of issues including existing and proposed legislation, policy and regulatory reforms that are relevant to AFMA member business and advise the Board on the position AFMA should take with governments and regulators.

  3. Business Line Committees deal with issues that are specific to the financial products or groups of products (non-OTC) that can be exchange traded and/or offered to retail investors.

Market Committees are elected by market participants every two years. Membership of policy and business line committees is open to AFMA Financial Markets Members who can contribute to the work of the committees. Partner Members may be invited to join policy committees if they have particular expertise in the issues being considered.

If you are interested in joining a committee, please contact us for more information.