About Us

The Australian Financial Markets Association (AFMA) was formed in 1986. Today we are the leading industry association promoting efficiency, integrity and professionalism in Australia's financial markets – including the capital, credit, derivatives, foreign exchange and other specialist markets.

We have more than 130 members, from Australian and international banks, leading brokers, securities companies and state government treasury corporations to fund managers, energy traders and industry service providers. Our role is to provide a forum for industry leadership and to advance the interests of all these market participants.

Promoting best practice

AFMA promotes best practice in financial markets so they can continue to contribute to Australia’s economic health. We do this by:

  • Effectively managing Australia’s over-the-counter (OTC) markets;
  • Developing widely accepted industry standards for transactional processing;
  • Dealing with policy makers on effective regulation of Australia’s financial markets to inspire investors’ confidence; and
  • Encouraging high standards of professional conduct through our professional development and accreditation programs.

Our mission – advancing Australia's financial markets

  • Promote Australia as a global centre for financial services;
  • Help members grow their businesses and contribute to Australia's economic wellbeing;
  • Develop new markets for financial products;
  • Encourage existing markets to reach their full potential;
  • Lead and sustain effective management of OTC financial markets;
  • Represent market participants in exchange-traded markets to ensure effective and efficient market processes and regulation;
  • Encourage high standards of professional conduct;
  • Develop individual expertise through professional development and accreditation programs; and
  • Promote government policies and business conditions that support a strong financial sector.

Privacy Policy

AFMA's Privacy Policy can be downloaded here.

Whistleblower Policy

AFMA's Whistleblower Policy can be downloaded here