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Board of Directors*



Robert Bedwell
Chief Executive Officer
JP Morgan Australia & New Zealand


Deputy Chair

Andrew Hinchliff
Group Executive, Institutional Banking & Markets
Commonwealth Bank of Australia


Mary Reemst

Managing Director and CEO of Macquarie Bank Limited

William Whitford

Managing Director, Treasury Corporation Victoria

Drew Bradford

Executive General Manager – Markets, National Australia Bank Limited

Greg Jarvis

Executive General Manager, Energy Supply and Operations, Origin Energy

Karine Delvallée

Chief Executive Officer, Australian & New Zealand - BNP Paribas

Nell Hutton

Managing Director, Financial Markets - Westpac Institutional Bank

Nick Hughes

Joint Country Head & Group Country Operating Officer, UBS AG, Australia Branch

Richard Gibb

Chief Executive Officer – Australia Credit Suisse AG

Richard Wagner

CEO & Head of Investment Banking, Morgan Stanley Australia

Shayne Collins

Managing Director, Markets, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited

Simon Warner

Global Head of Public Markets, AMP Capital

*Valid as of 6 April, 2021