AFMA Membership

In the interest of members and the broader financial sector AFMA maintains a fundamental role in the efficient operation and ongoing development of domestic financial markets.

Financial Markets Members

Our Financial Markets Members are the organisations that participate directly in Australia's financial markets and generally hold an Australian Financial Services Licence.

Financial Markets Members can vote at annual general meetings and provide input by sitting on our various committees. We support these members by:

  • Advocating policy that secures business benefits and efficiencies;
  • Providing industry-specific intelligence;
  • Developing and maintaining market conventions and procedures;
  • Providing accreditation programs and continuing professional development; and
  • Enabling access to market data and documentation products.

Partner Members

Our Partner Members are organisations that provide services to participants in Australia's financial markets – such as legal, accounting, technology and risk management services.

Through their membership, service providers may be better placed to forge closer links with participants in financial markets and foster new business opportunities.

Affiliate Members

Our Affiliate membership consists of government agencies and international associations. These members are invited to join AFMA in recognition of the role they play within the financial markets.

Becoming a member

The AFMA membership year runs from 1 July to 30 June and all AFMA members agree to abide by our Code of Conduct. You’ll also find more information on membership in the AFMA Constitution.

All applications for membership are subject to review and approval by the AFMA Board of Directors.

For membership enquires, please contact us directly or fill out our enquiry form.