Environmental Products Information


Environmental Products Market OverviewEnviro-Products-Market-Overview.png

AFMA has prepared an overview of key Environmental Products Schemes operating in Australia.

Environmental Products Conventions

AFMA supports a system of industry accepted standards and conventions that provide a reference point for market practices. The Environmental Products Conventions reflect current market practices and are kept updated by the Environmental Products Committee.

The conventions were amended in March 2021 to update the product descriptions and indicate the established market practice of physical settlement for forward and spot transactions.

Environmental Products Documentation

The Environmental Products Committee has developed the following template documentation for environmental products:

  • AFMA Environmental Products Spot Contract – for spot purchase/ sale of environmental products
  • AFMA Environmental Products Addendum – to facilitate forward and option environmental product transactions under the ISDA® Master Agreement.

Both documents are available at in section 3.11 of AFMA’s subscription-based Guide to Australian OTC Transactions

Execution and Settlement Guide for Environmental Product Transactions

AFMA has published a guidance note to help ensure the smooth execution and settlement of transactions for the purchase and sale of renewable energy certificates and other environmental products.