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Environmental Trading Schemes

AFMA Partner Member Johnson Winter & Slattery has prepared this review of the Mandatory Environmental Trading Schemes operating in Australia.

Environmental Products Conventions

AFMA supports a comprehensive system of industry accepted standards and conventions that streamline market practices and ensure Australia’s OTC markets trade at an accepted standard. The conventions, standards and procedures listed below reflect current market practices and are kept up-to-date by our markets and operations committees.

Environmental Products Documentation

A contract template for spot purchase/sale of environmental products and an explanatory note prepared by Johnson Winter & Slattery are also available for download – although the spot contract is not recommended for use when trading significant volumes or when dealing forward. 

Other Environmental Products documentation can be found in the Guide to Australian OTC Transactions 

Execution and Settlement Guide for Environmental product Transactions

AFMA is publishing this guidance note to help ensure the smooth execution and settlement of transactions for the purchase and sale of renewable energy certificates and other environmental products.