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Fundamentals of Financial Markets & Regulation

If you're new to Australia's financial markets or have learned most of what you know 'on the job' this entry-level program is a great way to gain a fundamental understanding or plug any knowledge gaps when it comes to how our financial markets work. The structure of the program is based on four consecutive modules, each of which builds on what you have learnt in the previous module.

Module 1 explains what the different financial markets are, who participates in them and why. Module 2 examines the economics of financial markets, analysing the different data that impacts on market activity. Module 3 examines the most popular products traded in the markets (and why) and Module 4 wades into the regulation of financial markets.

TITLE: Fundamentals of Financial Markets & Regulation
CE: 5hrs including 1.5hrs Regulation & Compliance
FEE: Member - $572 including GST
Non Member - $715 including GST
Online Delivery

Who is it for?

This program is ideal if you have recently joined financial markets from a non-finance background, and are working in an operations or support capacity (such as legal, learning and development or audit). For many who have been in these roles for some time, you may find you’ve picked up some information along the way, but it is hard to pull it all together in a way that makes coherent sense without someone explaining it all to you. This module steps in to help you with that.

It is also ideal for anyone completing the AFMA Operations Core Module via self-study, or unable to attend a workshop for the AFMA Accreditation Program (as a supplement to the Core module DVD).

What will you learn?

By working through all four modules you’ll understand how Australia’s financial markets work. This program is also excellent preparation for anyone planning to complete AFMA’s Operations Core. The four modules cover:

  • What is a financial market?
  • What influences our market?
  • What financial products are available?
  • How are our markets regulated?

The content is based around a fictional character, Jimmy the Fruitologist. While this sounds counter-intuitive, in fact the markets are closely related — he has different customers with different needs that his regulator specifies he must respond to differently. He is also subject to supply and demand influences and price impacts such as economic and political changes.