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Applied Financial Mathematics

This workshop is available via the following modes of delivery:

  • In-house training: Make an in-house training enquiry to have this course delivered at your organisation
  • Expression of interest: Let AFMA know that you are interested in attending a public workshop in your city

TITLE: Applied Financial Mathematics
CE: 13hrs
FEE: Member - $2,530.00 including GST
Non Member - $3,168.00 including GST
available via in-house or
expression of interest


Value, risk and return three of the central concerns of finance all derive from mathematical foundations. Mathematics describes the dynamics of financial markets, it determines the values and risk exposures of financial positions and it connects the performance of financial structures to those structures constituents. In short, mathematics pervades finance.

Mathematics allows us to describe, understand, measure, manage and engineer financial products and positions for our benefit.

Who is it for?

This course will be of benefit to those market participants who are seeking to gain an understanding of the mathematical concepts in finance using spreadsheets. It will suit a broad spectrum of participants in financial markets who regularly use spreadsheets.

What will you learn?

With a heavy emphasis on utilising the financial functions of spreadsheets, this workshop will explore:

  • core mathematical functions and concepts used in finance
  • working with various finance concepts (yield curve, present value, future value, discounting asset price evolution, forward pricing, hedging, arbitrage
  • spreadsheet tools and functions that are often applied in financial mathematics
  • mathematics of financial products (bonds, swaps, forward & future contracts, vanilla & exotic derivatives).

Presumed knowledge

This workshop assumes that you are able to use absolute and relative addressing in Excel and be able to enter mathematical formulae into cells as well as understand and be able to apply the concepts of discounting, present and future value, simple and compound interest.


Alex Palfi, Principal, Tykoh Group Pty Ltd

Alex Palfi is a Principal of Tykoh Group Pty Ltd – an Australian based training provider specialising in tailored one and two day workshops on technical finance and business topics.  Prior to setting up Tykoh Alex was a Division Director at Macquarie Group in Sydney. In that role he developed a range of finance workshops and presented those in Australia and at other international locations. Those workshops focused on financial modelling, valuation, derivatives, credit risk and Visual Basic programming.


The practical nature of this course was very useful. Using Excel as we went through the topics was great.

A very good course and presenter.

Its an excellent training course. Very helpful.