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Maintaining AFMA Accreditation

Important changes to AFMA Accreditation

Please refer the following information with respect to recent changes in AFMA accreditation

How to remain accredited

In order to maintain accreditation, Accredited Individuals must:

  • undertake 20 hours per year of continuing education (CE)
  • record and report their education activities, as outlined below
  • remain employed by an AFMA Member organisation.
  • conduct themselves in accordance with the AFMA Code of Conduct.

Note that AFMA has now introduced a per capita annual fee for accredited individuals, levied at the member firm level.

Note also that accredited individuals must now also complete the Professionalism: Conduct & Ethics course to remain accredited. Please see the following for further information.

Continuing education (CE)

Once accredited, it is important that accredited individuals proactively seek to extend and further develop their expertise, or take on new areas of knowledge and skill. This is best done by undertaking ongoing education.

AFMA’s Continuing Education (CE) Guidelines ensures that there exists a framework for organisations to work with their accredited employees to plan their ongoing education. It also sets out the management and administration of adherence to the guidelines. The CE Guidelines are part of the AFMA Accreditation Guidelines.

Recording and reporting CE

At the conclusion of each reporting year, every Member organisation must verify that Accredited Individuals have fulfilled their CE requirements and are still in the employ of the Member organisation. This will be requested on an annual basis in aggregate form. Members have one month to provide the information upon request from AFMA.

The number of individuals that a Member organisation verifies determines the accreditation fee for the member firm.

Transferring between member organisations

When an AFMA accredited individual transfers between member firms, one of the following forms needs to be completed:

Once the application has been received and processed, a new accreditation certificate will be issued 

If you have any questions about maintaining your accreditation, please refer the AFMA Accreditation Guidelines or contact us.